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7 best free online tools for remote team collaboration

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1Password boasts one of the industry’s most robust password organization systems, coupled with comprehensive support for multi-factor authentication. This password manager simplifies the generation, storage, and auto-filling of passwords across all your online accounts, accessible from any device. Beyond passwords, it securely stores sensitive documents, medical records, SSH keys (for developers), and other confidential information. Collaboration is made secure and straightforward, as 1Password facilitates sharing and teamwork. Weekly check-ins help keep employees on track and give managers and HR better visibility into what’s happening with their people. Designed for efficiency, 15Five Check-ins take just 15 minutes for employees to complete and 5 minutes for managers to review.

  • Teams can also share files, integrate with other apps, and customize their workspace to meet their specific needs.
  • If you read the InVision Blog, chances are you already know that designers and developers prefer to work from home.
  • Dropbox is a file hosting and sharing service with collaboration features for remote teams.
  • The humble calendar is one of the best time-tracking and management tools out there, and Google Calendar integrates with just about anything.
  • Used by companies such as Wells Fargo, Verizon, and Adidas, Workzone is a project management software that works well for operations, remote workers and marketing teams.

Furthermore, you can manage any project without using any separate system. Notion AI gives you access to the limitless power to think bigger, work faster, and write better. You can visualize, sort, and filter any tasks or items based on urgency or priority. It blends the structure of your spreadsheets, the remote collaboration power of applications, the flexibility of documents, and the intelligence of AI. When all the project-related documents are stored in a centralized place, it is easier to find, access, and edit them. There is no longer a need to constantly email your team members about the updated version of a file.

Get More Done With Remote Collaboration Tools

Smartsheet is a project management and issue tracking software that works well for tracking project issues, and editing documents that require collaboration. It is like having the entire team in the same area with accessibility to the very same canvas. Additionally, this free collaboration tool will enable designers to put some fancy notes, images, and videos on a wall in order to quickly get feedback on a single idea, design, or prototype. Remote team collaboration often requires sharing access to the same tools. It’s no longer safe to manually store your passwords in a spreadsheet on your computer, which is where password managers like Dashlane come in. Not only do they keep you safe, but they also make it easier for team members to log into essential tools.

free collaboration tools for remote teams

Its integrations with Slack and other popular apps allow users to keep their workflow organized and streamlined. Remote teams provide the freedom of working independently while offering the advantage of staying connected with everyone’s work. With a distributed workplace, teams can share their ideas and solutions in real-time without clogging their calendars with back-to-back Zoom meetings. Use this online collaboration tool to recognize achievements, instill company values, introduce gamification with a leaderboard and badges, and give rewards for a job well done.

How Cloud Collaboration Tools Reshape Businesses [25 Tools Discussed]

Throughout the meeting or working session, you can explore any file in the room, moving around and viewing whatever you want without getting in the way of others. Best of all, Switchboard saves all your files after every session, so you never need to download anything or repopulate the room again. Few companies are likely to need any tools like this, but it might be fun to take a look and see if it doesn’t offer a small amount of inspiration. While you may not be able to record and hold chats outside the call, Jitsi Meet is a perfect, free solution to your videoconferencing needs. Zoom is probably the best program for virtual meetings around so far, but that’s about where its capabilities end. Sure, Teams might integrate well with Outlook, but those annoying formatting errors in Word can show up in all Microsoft apps.

Bonusly is an online collaboration platform focussing on visibility. It provides an easy interface for managers, executives, and team members. Everybody can see others’ progress and celebrate the team’s achievements. Choosing the right tools and technologies can be particularly overwhelming in today’s digital age, where the options are plentiful. That’s why we’ve created this guide outlining the best online collaboration software for businesses. Below, we’re also explaining how to curate the best online collaboration practices, which can help you successfully optimize your use of these tools.

Considerations for Choosing a Collaboration Tool

That (virtual) face-to-face interaction can deepen the connection between colleagues, and with screen-sharing capabilities, collaboration is easier and more efficient. Visme, a web-based collaborative platform, consolidates team activities into a single accessible hub. Particularly advantageous for designers, it facilitates the creation of a wide range of visual projects, including presentations and infographics. Visme offers built-in features to monitor each user’s workload, track progress, and monitor activity on ongoing projects, enhancing team efficiency and communication.

  • It takes time to find the best tools for remote teams and may involve trial and error to get the right remote tools in place.
  • You can share doc vis mail or link, accessing numerous security measures to protect data.
  • Fellow offers tons of team meeting agenda templates, so you don’t have to start from scratch each time you meet.
  • Trello is a web-based project management tool that uses a flexible system of boards, cards, and lists to help teams organize and prioritize their work.
  • It enables collaborative, open participation for your team to create and co-design roadmaps and new approaches.
  • Nifty is an award-winning project management tool combining communication and collaboration features.
  • These features include 20 writing reports, style guides, integrates with word processors, and has a plagiarism checker.

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